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27 October 2013 @ 05:26 pm
What type of theme would be the first preferred theme of recs?
If you select other, please specify in comments.


Theme of rec?

Age difference
15 October 2011 @ 12:15 am
Under Construction

This community is about to undergo an overhaul. Please don't freak out if you notice broken links, missing posts, or anything else.

20 September 2020 @ 07:37 pm
Welcome to suits_rec, a community dedicated to sharing the fanworks of the Suits Fandom!

Things you can share here:
1. Fic
2. Vids
3. Original Art
4. Fan sites/ fan communities /fan tumblrs

Things you can't share here:
1. Graphics (screen caps/icons/wallpaper)
2. Episode Download Links
3. Things not fan works (official images, statements, articles, etc.)

Comments sharing banned things will be deleted!

1. Follow the what you can/can't share guidelines
2. WARN for potential triggers; these include non-con/dub-con, excessive violence, kink, nudity (for art), psychological triggers, etc. If you don't know whether or not to warn, go ahead and warn.
3. Whenever possible post the rating and pairing of a work. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR NC-17 OR MATURE WORKS! NSFW is such a handy acronym isn't it?
4. NO BASHING OF ANY RECS! We are a nice community.
5. Try not to repeat recs in the same post. Basically, Read before you Rec!

// Every Sunday will be the Weekly Rec Post. This post is for fanworks submitted in the past week. Commenting for these close the following Sunday!

// Every Wednesday will be the Theme Rec Post. This post is for fanworks conforming to a theme. These works can be from any time. Commenting for these do not close!

// There will be a one time Introduction to Suits Rec Post. This post is for the fanworks you feel give a person new to the fandom this best introduction in to what this fandom is all about! These works can be from any time. Commenting for this does not close!

// There will also be a one time Free For All Rec Post. This post is for fanworks from the beginning of the fandom to present (9/20). Commenting for this will close in ONE MONTH.

// There is a Fan Sites Rec Post where you can rec other comms, websites, tumblrs, etc. Please keep those type of recs to this post. Commenting for this does not close.

// There is a Searching For Recs Post where you comment asking for specific recs and others reply to you. Commenting for this does not close.

I am looking for mods (well, more like maintainers, but mod is the best name for it)! To apply for mod PM me please!

Positions Open:
1. straightrhodes
2. dancy_dreamer
3. roshni06